Gudoomiyaha Lewiston, Maine Bob Macdonald ayaa yidhi Soomaalida wadankiinii ku laabta hadii aydnaan dhaqankiina xooreyn. PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 28 September 2012 16:51

Duqa Lewiston, Maine Bob Macdonald ayaa wuxuu yahay shaqsi aaminkiisu yahay xag jir, taas oo magaalada uu xukumo ka cadeeyey in Soomaalidu ay dhaqankooda meel iska soo dhigaan.


Controversial mayor tells Somali-Americans go back home

Lewiston, 28-Sep-2012 - Bob Macdonald, the controversial Mayor of Lewiston, Maine, is attracting both national and international attention after appearing in a BBC documentary and demanding that the Somali-Americans who live in Lewiston to leave their culture.

Macdonald, who is well known for his moral idiocy, bigotry, ignorance and an unshakable commitment to stupidity and utterance of hate speeches towards immigrants, specially Americans of Somali origin, told the BBC - in a comment he intends for Somali-Americans - "When you come here you accept our culture and leave your culture at the door."

When Macdonald was asked to explain his comment, he opened up his mouth to show the world the true foolish he is, which doesn't seem to surprise those who have known him.

"Why aren’t you [Somalis] over there fighting for it? If you believe in it so much, why aren’t you over there shedding your blood to get it? Why are you over here shirking your duties? These people are yelling that I’m insensitive to their culture. Well if it’s so great, why aren’t they back over in Somalia? Why are they [Somali-Americans] over here?," he said.

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