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Wednesday, 21 October 2009 00:25
alt France has deported thousands of ethnic Romanian and Bulgarian migrants in what it called a crackdown on illegal immigration. The EU has decided to take legal actions against France's decision to expel Romas, citing rules which permit the free movement of EU citizens. European Commission spokeswoman Pia Ahrenkilde stated on Wednesday that the commission decided to send an official notification letter to France, advising them to comply with EU rules, the Associated Press reported. The EU's decision was made after the forced deportation of more than 8,300 ethnic Romanian and Bulgarian migrants -- commonly referred to as Roma gypsies -- from France to poorer EU nations, CNN reported. While French officials report the raids at camps in Lyon and other cities as a part of a broader crackdown on illegal immigration, the EU may sue France for discrimination under the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, The Daily Mail reported. The commission set a deadline for French President Nicolas Sarkozy to adopt legislations in compliance with EU rules, regarding the freedom of movement. "France has not yet transposed the Directive on Free Movement into national legislation that makes these rights fully effective and transparent," the commission said. "Therefore, the commission decided today that it will issue a letter of formal notice to France requesting the full transposition of the directive, unless draft transposition measures and a detailed transposition schedule are provided by 15 October 2010." LF/PKH/MMN
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